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Ownership Structure and Utilization Administration

We recognize aviation specialists' value, especially when it comes to ownership structuring and tax guidance. Within the aviation industry, It is often said that the IRS and FAA don’t speak the same language. 

Maximize Tax Benefits

Suppose you don’t have an aviation tax and accounting advisor. In that case, we assist in retaining top tier professionals to solidify an optimal structure and accounting plan for us to follow. 


We work side by side with your trusted advisors so that your aircraft ownership structure and use policy maximize your aircraft operations' tax benefits while maintaining compliance and reducing IRS audit risk. 


Use Administration

Ownership structures are often complex, with intracompany leasing or other cost reimbursement provisions that may require intercompany payments and, in some cases, the collection of state sales taxes or federal excise taxes.


Monitoring each flight's purpose, type of traveler onboard and proper party payment to the operator is critical to depreciating the aircraft and determining which costs are deductible for IRS reporting.

We are here to help!

Advisory Services

Capital Planning

  • Ownership structure and use policy design


  • Use reconciliation and payment audit

  • YTD expense & usage analysis

  • Stakeholder reporting​

  • Use policy oversight


  • Calendar management

  • Policy and procedure manual updates 

  • Aviation Attorney appointment

  • Aviation tax accountant appointment

  • Accounting and Tax compliance reminders

And more

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Whatever your situation, we'll build a solution together.

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