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Membership Program,
Fractional Share or Lease Selection

Whether you own an aviation asset, or this is your first time considering private jet travel AdviseAir will help you make an informed financial decision.  We manage the entire process from needs assessment, aviation solutions RFP issuance, industry knowledge based analysis, sound acquisition advice and know how negotiations. 


Informative Analysis. 
Thorough Process.

  1. Travel Needs Assessment

  2. Performance analysis (cabin, range, speed, maintenance, safety etc.)

  3. RFP design, issuance and management

  4. Analysis of RFP responses, comparisons,  pros and cons (industry intel)

  5. Selection of option and provider

  6. Representation during results review, terms negotiation, final contracting and closing.


For those new to private aviation or those simply looking to make a change, our initial travel needs discovery conversation is an essential first step in our assessment.   Then, based on your specific needs, desires and treasury objectives we design a RFP and select appropriate participants through experienced technical and financial analysis to ensure that the right aircraft models and utilization factors are considered.  




Taking the information gathered from our initial assessment, we objectively financially model the types of private air transportation from charter, jet membership, fractional ownership or full aircraft ownership to ensure that whatever means you choose, you are provided unapparelled insight to make an informed acquisition decision.


Once the RFP response are complete, we compile, assess and demonstrate the outcomes by submitting a comprehensive assessment. 


We then assist with understanding the differences between the various providers, options, financial considerations, cultural insight and fit of the identified solution providers.  




With the optimal solution selected, AdviseAir will provide ongoing representation during the acquisition process, including negotiating terms, final contracting along side an experienced aviation attorney and closing on the chosen travel solution.


We will also provide a signature Fiscal Flight Plan™ to keep you on track with the objectives laid out during our initial assessment outlining a way forward to fiscally manage your acquired aviation asset and enjoy an ongoing positive private flight experience.

Measure, Then Repeat.

In addition to the Fiscal Flight Plan™, AdviseAir will suggest a Fiscal Flight Following™ program as a way to ensure that the plans set in place are effective, working and adjusted through the various aviation asset ownership lifecycle stages. 


Your current solutions not meeting your travel needs? It may be time for a travel analysis or feasibility study to determine the best course of action. 

We have a solution for you!

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