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Acquisition and Disposition 


As a nonbiased advisor with your best interests in mind, we do not buy or sell aircraft.   However, we will come alongside your trusted aircraft transaction firm to assist in your acquisition and disposition project prepared with our history and analysis of your specific utilization and financial objectives.

Knowledge. Trust. Community.

Charting a clear plan for a smooth transaction, whatever it may be, takes talent and ethical business aircraft transaction experience.

Should you not have a trusted aircraft broker, depending on your current means of travel, we will assess and narrow down to three suitable firms that subscribe to efficient, effective and ethical business aircraft transactions and issue an RFP, managing the selection process and award negotiations. 


Buy or Sell

We represent you and only you, armed with our history and analysis of your specific utilization and financial objectives we come alongside your transaction firm to navigate the way.

We have a solution for you!

Advisory Services

Capital Planning

  • Needs analysis

  • Feasibility study

  • Fleet Plan

Financial Management

  • Costs pre-estimates

  • Budget design

  • Optimization advise


  • Aircraft transaction firm RFP design, issuance and award

And more

Let's Talk

Call, Email or Meet

Whatever your situation, we'll build a solution together.

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