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What you don’t know about your aircraft may be costing you money.

Owning and operating a jet aircraft involves diverse industries, disciplines, and specialties. In an ideal world, every individual component would be coordinated, competent, and focused on the same goal: to optimize the value and satisfaction of your ownership experience.

You've got a goal. We can help.

Let's See This Through

At some point, an aircraft owner's family office or advisors, specialists in their own fields yet unacquainted with aviation, often seek expertise critical for optimally operating an aircraft.  

You need someone experienced at keeping the big picture in focus to provide expert, comprehensive, systematic fiscal oversight.  Allow AdviseAir to look out for your best interest.

There's no situation we can't handle - together!  

Cost of Aircraft Operations Monitoring

With advanced technology and optimized processes, our goal is to provide you with an enhanced aviation asset ownership experience, insightful expertise, decreased costs and added value.

We use a state of the art financial platform to collect, digitize, analyze and benchmark your invoices to help manage your aircraft and various private flight solutions

cost effectively.


Revenue Generation Management

With the ease in technology for an on-demand flyer to book a charter trip in moments on a phone app, an aircraft owner's acceptance of that trip on their jet has become time sensitive—lost time, delayed responses and acceptance of inadequate charter trips equate to lost revenue.  


Wait, demand for charter is high – inventory of aircraft is low – so why aren’t you achieving your revenue offset goals?  To optimize vs. maximize, charter or not to charter, that is the question!

Ownership Structure and Utilization

We take a team approach to aircraft ownership design and aviation tax planning, working closely with your trusted advisors and our network of aviation tax and accounting professionals to help navigate the rules and regulations to develop the best possible tax and ownership structure for your aircraft operations. 


Asset Value Preservation and Planning

In the complex world of private aviation investment, ownership and financing you face multiple critical choices in managing your aircraft asset, ensuring its greatest value upon resale.


We provide ongoing asset value preservation and planning intelligence into clients' decision making which makes fully informed investment conclusions possible.

Fractional, JetCard and Charter

Many private aviation users employ various options to get them to where they are going, be it their owned aircraft, fractional share, jet card, or on demand charter. 


We help you determine if the solutions you own are meeting your projected travel profile and utilization needs as well as employ the most appropriate and cost efficient selection on a flight by flight basis. 


Acquisition and Disposition

As a nonbiased advisor with your best interests in mind, we do not buy or sell aircraft.   However, we will come alongside your trusted aircraft transaction firm to assist in your acquisition and disposition project prepared with our history and analysis of your specific utilization and financial objectives.

New to Aviation

One of the ultimate attractions of flying private is the ability to take to the skies on a schedule that fits your travel nuances – be it through charter, fractional ownership, aircraft leasing or outright aircraft purchase.  Pre-estimate costs and projected budgets help make informed decisions.


Let's Talk

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We are here to help you make informed financial decisions. 

Whatever your situation,

we'll build a solution - together.

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