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Cost of Aircraft Operations Monitoring

Whether you pay a monthly management fee to a management company or employ your own dedicated flight department staffed with full time pilots, flight scheduler, and maintenance technician we are here to help you reduce your overall cost of operations. 

Strategic. Insightful. Informed.

We offer support to flight departments with limited staff and bandwidth, allowing small flight operations to focus on safety while providing access to deep industry expertise to navigate a fiscally responsible course.  


When it comes to aircraft under management, we recommend the concept of “trust but verify.” The number one priority of most management companies, as it should be, is on operating to industry best practices for safety and quality; but do they exceed expectations in the fiscal management aspect of the contract behind the scenes?


Needs Based Support

Responding to the current outsourcing and needs based service support trends, we provide you with options, be it selecting from our a la carte menu of services or the design of a tailored Fiscal Flight Plan™  and Fiscal Flight Following™ program. ​


We have a solution for you!

Advisory Services

Capital planning

  • Fleet Plan

  • Incremental risk-averse strategy alignment

  • Crew compensation analysis

Financial Management

  • Invoice audit & correlation

  • Budget development and re-forecasting

  • Customized financial reports

  • Cost analysis and benchmarking

  • Financial KPI design &  monitoring

  • Current market and residual value 


  • Use policy oversight​

  • Depreciation eligible expense tracking

  • Bookkeeping

  • Supplemental lift management

  • Operating expense fund administration

  • Services RFP design, issuance and award

  • Service provider liaison

And more

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