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Fiscal Oversight

What you don’t know about your aircraft is costing you money.

Owning and operating a jet aircraft actually involves diverse industries, disciplines, and specialties. In an ideal world, every individual component would be coordinated, competent, and focused on the same goal: to optimize the value and satisfaction of your ownership experience.


In the real world, we have found that entities, departments, and individuals tend to focus only on their own area of expertise. You need someone experienced at keeping the big picture in focus.


We have also found it is not uncommon that over time, employees and advisors who are unfamiliar with aviation unintentionally may begin to seek shortcuts in monthly invoice reviews, lose track of revenue options, fail to collect or analyze important information, and even cease making intracompany payments to simplify procedures. 

As is often said within the aviation community, the FAA and the IRS don’t talk to each other so having a nonbiased aviation advisor with only your aviation best interest in mind on your side helps bridge the gap.

At some point, an aircraft owner's employees or advisors unfamiliar with aviation seek expertise critical for optimally operating an aircraft.  AdviseAir's financial acumen has been proven to reduce expenditures and increase revenue.

What you need is someone to represent you, and only you.  We are here to help!

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