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Al A Carte Services

When placing with the overall strategic vision of your aircraft utilization and return on investment, AdviseAir designs an FFP aligned with your desired outcome, ascend and descend in accordance with your aircraft ownership acquisition, utilization, and disposition cycle of needs. 

AdviseAir stands ready to respond to your private jet fiscal oversight requirements.  We have designed a comprehensive menu of services with a fixed price fee structure based on the complexity and time allocation of the advisory needed. 

Baseline market intelligence at your fingertips, providing for general advisory services inquiry and market intelligence updates.

30,000 Ft.

  • Aircraft finance and lease competitive evaluation

  • Charter arrangement and trip management

  • Charter market intelligence report

  • Contract crew needs assessment

  • Crew compensation market analysis

  • Current Market Value Assessment

  • Fuel program competitive evaluation

  • Insurance hull and replacement coverage monitoring

  • Optimal private travel solution selection

  • Projected use trip calendar and operator notification management


20,000 Ft.

  • Budget Design

  • Charter trip approval. Go-no go-decision

  • Crew rest and vacation calendar oversight

  • Hangar selection, negotiations and audit

  • Lease return provisions and negotiation

  • Neutral party decision on flyer access to private jet or supplimental lift

  • Operating expense fund management

  • Optimize vs. maximize assessment

  • Residual Value Forecasting

  • Service provider liaison and advocate 

  • Supplemental lift selection, booking and flight management


        10,000 Ft.

  • Aircraft management contractual adherence

  • Aircraft Management RFP design, issuance and award

  • Aircraft sale or acquisition broker RFP design, issuance, and award

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Charter activity, income and expense audit

  • Excessive charter wear and tear audit

  • Fleet Plan

  • Individual, business and affiliate use payment to operator implementation

  • Interior refurbishment RFP design, issuance and award

  • Intracompany utilization, payments and accounting audit 

  • Invoice audit and correlation

  • Maintenance efficiency assessment

  • Major maintenance or avionics upgrade RFP design, issuance and award

  • Monitor individual and business use in accordance with tax driven ownership structure

  • Needs Analysis/Feasibility Study

  • Projected-to-actuals budget management

  • Spare parts evaluation and audit

  • Use policy creation and adherence

  • Use statement audit 

  • Utilization and accounting audit


1,000 Ft.

  • Tailored FFP Strategy
    With the knowledge of your aircraft asset strategic vision, we will design an optimal FFP to your exacting needs.  We know that aircraft ownership analysis needs fluctuate throughout your ownership experience from acquisition through utilization to disposition. A tailored plan will ascend and descend following your aircraft ownership acquisition, utilization, and disposition cycle of requisites path. 

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